Why more women are dating younger men

The star couple, who have defied all norms—such as the belief that a man should be older, possess more wealth, and that the age gap shouldn’t be significant—have a 19-year age difference and embody a true definition of ‘us against the world.’

Musila celebrated her 53rd birthday this year, and her husband, Guardian, has described their journey of love as the ‘best experience ever’ to numerous reporters and a variety of YouTubers thirsty for clicks.

“I can’t believe it has already been 3 years. It has been the best part of my life. Loving you is the sweetest experience ever. You rock my world, Queen. Blessings on your birthday, @esther.musila; you are my everything,” Guardian wrote online.

From interviews, it’s revealed that Guardian set his eyes on the curvaceous Musila when she was out helping him build his music career.

Together, they created what they describe as a ‘paradise of love,’ igniting a spark in life and embarking on an extraordinary journey of peaceful nights together, great dates, drama, public attention, and couple-goals love.

“My life began when I met you, my love. It has been 3 years of bliss, and I thank you for coming. You brought a whole new meaning to my existence. I love you, my King,” Guardian narrated in a story written by the Standard.