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Volume- Series review

The series, categorized as a music drama, follows the journey of Benja, a young aspiring musician navigating the challenges of an industry that often dismisses dreams as mere illusions.

There are some scenes in Volume that are so remarkable that I got sad that the entire series wasn’t at that level. The show has the story and the performances, but only some of the scenes stood out. But the thing about Volume is that some of the scenes are so well shot, are so engaging, and encapsulate all the themes of the show that the shoddy scenes are forgotten. Set in Kenya, Volume is the story of an up-and-coming rapper with a crew, which includes Smallz and Castro, and together they try to ‘make it’ in a place where the punishment for one’s mistakes is pretty harsh.

It’s a world of petty crime, which can jump up on you, and you can find yourself knee-deep in murders and suicides if you are not careful. Volume presents its world pretty nicely. Its intention may have been to...

As Benja confronts the harsh realities of his pursuit, 'Volume' unfolds into a captivating tale of uncertainty that threatens to unravel his musical ambitions before they can take flight.