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Should I forgive my best friend for sleeping with my ex

It’s a complicated situation. I found out about it this week, and it happened over 8 years ago. I found out about it through someone else. He wasn’t really an “ex” just someone I was dating when I was a teenager. He wind up taking my virginity, and immediately was done after that.

I wasn’t crazy over him at all. So when it was over I didn’t care. I noticed my friend started texting him, and FaceTiming him shortly after this happened. She would tell me the things he said about me basically saying he wanted her, and not me. She told me she wouldn’t sleep with him she just liked messing with him.

I did obviously side eye her, but just moved on. He eventually started harassing me OVER my friend. He would try to impersonate me through text now, and send it to her so she wouldn’t be my friend anymore. It even got to the point he started threatening me.

She told me he was doing all of this, because she WOULDN’T sleep with him. Turns out he was doing it because she wouldn’t sleep with him again. She told him it was because of me, but really she just was on to the next guy and he decided to take it out on me.

When I say she slept with him RIGHT after he had taken my virginity, and dumped me I mean two weeks after it happened apparently. I only know this because someone she hooked up with around the time this happened (7 years ago) was spamming my DM’s. Asking to “fly me out”, and take me out for dinner.

When I shut that down immediately, because I know the same friend was involved with her. He then told me I shouldn’t let that stop me from giving him a chance, because the guy who had taken my virginity (his friend). Got her number from him, and then confirmed they slept together.

Now again it’s not about the guy at all. It’s about the fact she lied about doing it for EIGHT years, and I never knew why he was harassing me so hard over her. Now I do 8 years later. The man is dead now by the way.

I asked her about it when she tried to lie I let her know there’s a screenshot of her sending him her address. She then backtracked and said she gave her address but didn’t go to the door. Which is obviously BS.

It’s an old situation, and I don’t really care about the man. I care she lied about it for so long, and had me thinking the harassment I faced because of her was for no reason. She still won’t even admit she did it.

Should I look the other way since it was so long ago? We were much younger then, and I didn’t really have feelings for him. So maybe my anger is petty. I can’t tell. I’m also not one of those people that puts all the blame on the woman. He played a bigger part in it. In my eyes.