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Shorn Arwa Satisfies Her Matatu Joyride Cravings After A Year In London

Back in Kenya after a year in London, influencer Shorn Arwa couldn’t resist the pull of the iconic matatu experience. A recent Instagram video captures her gleeful return to these vibrant public buses, swinging by the door as the “clippie” calls out for passengers. “Matatu cravings dealt with, innit? Now what?” she quipped in the caption, playfully contemplating her next move.

This unexpected yearning for a matatu ride after nearly a decade abroad stemmed from viral TikTok videos showcasing the lively Kenyan scene. Amused by her own sudden craving, Shorn documented her journey back home on YouTube, sharing the entire adventure from London to Nairobi.
“So, I booked a flight to Kenya… On a whim?” she chuckled in the video. “Questioning myself at this point, like, seriously, Nairobi for matatus?” Then, with a smile, she added, “Said goodbye to the hubby, checked in, and remembered… I have a YouTube channel! Vlogging time! London to Nairobi, let’s do this!”

Despite arriving tired and matatu-less, Shorn’s excitement over being back in Kenya remained palpable. “No matatu today, maybe tomorrow or evening,” she mused, exhaustion tinged with anticipation. “Missed Kenya though.”

Shorn’s relocation to London last April was bittersweet. While her sister Zainab’s farewell speech praised her ambition and hard work, the family couldn’t hide their sadness. Shorn, acknowledging Zainab’s maternal role since their parents passed away when she was six, expressed heartfelt gratitude for her sister’s unwavering care and guidance. With tears in her eyes, she admitted feeling scared to leave Zainab behind but thanked her for the sacrifices and endless support over the years.
Shorn’s return offers a glimpse into the emotional tug-of-war of migration, the allure of new opportunities balanced with the yearning for familiar comfort. Her playful matatu joyride, even if delayed, embodies that very sentiment: a joyous homecoming fueled by nostalgia and connection.