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Official MEJJA thread 'Okwonko'

Major Nameye Khadija popularly known with his stage name Mejja is a Kenyan Genge artist. He was signed to Calif Records where he released multiple collaborations. His single "Jana Kuliendaje" won him an award at Kenya's Chaguo la Teeniz in 2008.

Mejja started singing in primary school with his brother Wambugu. Together they had formed a group called Ghetto Clan. In 2008 Mejja had his first breakthrough song titled ‘Jana Kuliendaje’.

In 2011, Mejja released a song dubbed "Landlord" which put him in the spotlight.

In 2014, Mejja formed a group called "The Kansoul" together with Kid Kora, and Madtraxx. The group dropped their first song ‘Dabo Tap’ later that year.

In 2020, Mejja was in many collaborations including "Cheza Kama Wewe" by Trio Mio and "Utawezana" by Femi One

He featured in Bensoul hit "Nairobi" alongside Sauti Sol in 2021.

Mejja Top Collaborations

  • Utawezana
  • Shamra Shamra
  • Lewa
  • Nairobi
  • Cheza Kama Wewe
  • Pakua
  • Mejja Awards and Nominations
    • Chaguo La Teeniz
    • Pulse Music Video Awards
    • Kisima Musicand Film Awards
    • Xtreem Awards

      Mejja Ex-Wife and Daughter

      Mejja was married to his now ex-wife for five years and they were blessed with one daughter.

      Mejja Current Girlfriend

      In 2020, Mejja posted a picture of his current girlfriend on Instagram. The two have been blessed with a son.

      Does Mejja charge for features? No, Mejja has reiterated that he does not charge any artists for features.

      Did Mejja’s first wife dump him via text? Yes. In a sit-down interview, Mejja opened up that his now ex-wife dumped him via a text message.

      Did Mejja think of committing suicide? Yes, after his first divorce, he succumbed to depression.

      Why does Mejja refer to himself as ‘Mtoto wa Khadija’? Mejja adopted his mother’s name Khadija to pay homage to her for single handedly raising him and his two brothers after their father left them.