My experience dating 22 year old

People in this forum keep saying that they want to date 22 year olds because they can be easily manipulated and can make good wives in the future. I usually here that statement and I laugh my lungs out. 22 year olds are only good for sex and nothing more. Hao wanadinywa na coursemates wao vibaya sana.

A few weeks I had the chance to ‘date’ a 22 year old and the experience was bad. I met that bitch in an online dating app, and I took her to Sonford hapo Moi Avenue for a date.
Maximum expense was 500/-. Chips 100, 1/4 chicken 150; for both of us it was 500. She was lovely and charming nikajua hapa nimejinyakulia mali.
Appearances can be deceiving buana. She was doing law in Moi University but now she was on holiday and I had this idea she was a sharp lady and focused. Mtu anafanya ni mtu ako sharp sana kwa masomo si mtu hivi hivi kama Kante. Boy was I wrong.

First of all, she started calling me asking me for financial favours. Big money favours. She would randomly call and say she is in a fix and ask for 5k and would refund which is a lie. How will she refund yet she has no job, she stays with her parents and depends on them for everything.

I refused and said I had no money and she would throw tantrums all over. She also had appetite to go to dates on fancy places. She would suggest we go to KFC and would suggest we eat meals amounting to 3k+. I cant waste money on junk food. Junk food if you must eat it usipitishe 500.

All those requests would be shot down and tantrums would follow. She was also highly volatile kitu kidogo would leave her boiling with anger and ranting all over like a mad woman from Western Kenya. There is this day she suggested we go get pizza on a Tuesday and we will be given 1 free. I declined the offer and said I was busy. Msichana si aanze kupiga nduru. I would ask her to come to my place we kick it lakini anakataa akisema yeye si malaya.

She would also suggest that once she finishes school, we should move in together and she wants to have kids by age 25. She had already chosen the names for them. I have never seen such a deluded girl.

She did even have plans for the future. Her only interests was how she would get money to buy an iPhone, new shoes, fancy handbags, fancy dresses and also out on some fancy hairstyles. She even suggested each of us contributes 15k and then December we go to Diani. I have never been disappointed that much with a woman.

What bored me the most is that she frequently begged me to buy her 20/- credit. Yaani msichana anaitisha credit ya mbao. Ukikataa kutuma ni tantrums tu. A few weeks ago she borrowed 10/- from me abet nayo. She had 40/- now she wanted 10/- ikuwe 50/- aekelee game nayo. I just ignored that text.

What bored me the most was her response, "Cheki msee unatuma iyo kinde ama hutumi’, like WTF is this bitch on. Unanilazimishia pesa yangu na wewe huna kitu, the amount of abuses that followed were out of this world. Some were outright offensive and stung her really bad. She just kept quiet and the next day she asked me why I had to abuse her like that.

This bitch was something else. She would get angry when I bluetick her texts on WhatsApp. Hata usipoingia online it would be tantrums all over. The madness didnt end there, she would also throw tantrums that I wasnt viewing her status updates. Her reasoning was just fucked up. The most obnoxious thing was taking my diary. Stupid bitch couldnt afford a diary. She wanted me to get her one and I refused mimi hapana babake.

She decided to take mine and when I wanted to take it she threw a tantrum nikaona nimuachie ajisaidie nayo. Huyu ata ukikula ni shida bin shida utakuwa unajiletea. I deleted her contacts and stopped communicating with her but mjinga bado ananitumia WhatsApp messages akisema she misses me. I even wondered how she decided to be a lawyer with that kind of reasoning. Huyu akiwa lawyer elders wengi watafungwa sana juu she will be incompetent as f*k.