Kitengela Man Says He Stabbed His Lover at a Pizza Joint Because She Dumped Him For Their Boss

Patrick Munyoki Kioko 25, the man who is in police custody for stabbing his lover to death at a Kitengela Pizza Inn joint where they both worked has confessed why he killed her.

Patrick Munyoki Kioko said he killed Gertrude Wayua Mutiso 22 on Friday night, on suspicion that she was seeing one of their managers at Pizza Inn Kitengela.

Kioko told the detectives that Wayua, who he claims to have been in a relationship with since their days at Kimathi University in Nyeri, dumped him five months ago for being a stammer.

According to statement provided by the police, he felt overwhelmed when he learnt that his ex-girlfriend had moved on and was dating their boss.

"This is a woman I loved so much. I was just bitter that she decided to hurt me right at our place of work. I am even the one who deflowered her. After l learnt of her new relationship at our workplace it hurt me more."

This was not the first time Kioko had threatened Wayua and she had earlier reported the threats to her father who is a senior police officer in Kiambu hours before she met her death.

The incident took place on Friday, April 21 2023. The suspect, who is currently recuperating at Kitengela sub-county hospital after being cornered and beaten by a mob, is said to have walked into the eatery where he also works, while he was off duty, and attacked the female colleague who was serving customers.

Kioko is expected to be arraigned in court today, with police saying they will be seeking to detain him for 14 more days to allow them complete investigations into the killing.