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Kiambu: Sorrow as Man Is Found Dead in Room A Day Before His Wedding

Fredrick Gitau was to wed his lover on Saturday, August 26, but that would not materialise as his life was cut short a day before the event.

He was to tie the knot with Joyce Waithira, his long-time fiance.

They had even taken their Facebook followers through the countdown to their big day.

"With the blessing of God and our parents, we joyously invite you to witness and celebrate the blessings of our marriage," read their digital card.

Sources indicate he was found lying lifeless in his house. The cause of his untimely death could not immediately be established.

Unconfirmed reports, nevertheless, indicate that the now-deceased had spent his last moments with the would-be best couple. As per blogger Simon Muthiora, Gitau was dropped home by the said couple before being discovered dead the following morning with foam on his mouth.

The quarters assert that he contacted a sister of his in whom he confided an alleged plot to eliminate him.
"He texted his sister telling her that 'if anything ever happened to him, they should ask (undisclosed) person,"