Former Health CAS MERCY MWANGANGI had sex with DAVID OSIANY – AOKO spills the beans as she praises OSIANY’s ‘tongue game’.

Fiery blogger and Raila’s former diehard, Aoko Otieno, now claims that David Osiany had sex with former health Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Mercy Mwangangi.

Taking to her Twitter account, Aoko alleged that Osiany landed lucrative covid tender deals after sleeping with Mercy.

She claims that Osiany’s good bedroom skills confused the former health CAS, prompting her to give him tenders worth millions.

Aoko further praised Osiany’s tongue game as she reminisced about the good time they had when they were dating.

Aoko is still exposing Osiany even after he threatened to sue her.

She claims that she has evidence to back up her claims.

She reportedly recorded her secret sex escapades with Osiany without his consent.