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Do fmates still exist in this small Nairobi?

Cuz, is anyone getting fmates in this nairobi full of taxes left right an center? I mean, ukiamka zakayo ,ukipumua zakayo..ati for fun! kijana atafute pesa aingizane box ama aende atafute hookup girls wamsort haraka haraka alaa...

Wait,should my bf be paying for it then? Business idea innit?!! na ukipatana na wale roysambu boys wakushow they nack you and give you cash, kataa let them do it and teach you how to get that money :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: win win ama naoverthink?

How do you start asking for money from a guy? :ROFLMAO:

Start asking for petty things kwanza eg credo, lunch to establish if he is a giver or not
Second, have your own money, mwonyeshe unaezajipea babygirl lifestyle without him then he'll elevate you as his mamaa