Body Counts

Juzi nilicheki video flani pale ig ya almost newly weds.

Waliulizwa what they their body counts were just days before wedo. Mamaa aliulizwa yake akasema 12, nikacheki uso ya budaa alikua shocked yake yote..
What is a high body count na inamatter kweli kama unapenda msee, especially after marriage? According to me, the past should be the past.

Don't judge me, me nikona between 25-50s. Women enjoy sex just as much as men do, men think they can sleep with whoever and however many people but shame a woman for doing the same.

I understand both sides completely, being bi sexual and being with a handful of men made me realize its literally the same as being with a woman. its just sex. and it doesn't matter.

Wanaume wanakuanga insecure sana wakiskia mdem akona BC kubwa but wao wako allowed kumangana huku nje ile mbaya.

Sex is just sex, its something humans do for fun, to feel good, and many other reasons.

Ladies and men, will you be hurt kama mpoa wako akona bodycount kubwa kukuliko... Tuelewane hii ni Nairobiii...