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Blessing Lung'aho and new 'babe' step out in style (video)

Blessing Lung'aho first introduced his 'Babe' in a video where he was advertising a pool party while calling her pet names.

The lady who was dressed in a bikini was seated just next to the actor who was wearing all white.

"The 300 days of January are almost over, sasa February tunafungua with the biggest pool party ever guess where?" he wrote on Instagram.

In a recent video, Lung'aho is now seen flaunting his new babe during their vacation in Naivasha.

Watch the video below;

This comes just months after he split from his baby mama and fellow actor Jacque Matubia.

"It's been an amazing journey, I am a proud single mother of two. I decided what makes Jackie happy is good vibes, Inshallah and let's catch flights not feelings," said Matubia while revealing that they had broken up.

Last year, she also opened up about her never-spoken-about divorce with the father of her first child.

“I used roughly Sh300,000 for the process; that would change depending on your case. If you guys have assets together, a problem with child support. There is just a lot," she told Nairobi News in the past.

Adding, "There are a lot of hearings and so on. Mine was even traumatising because it was during the Covid-19 period, so your case is mentioned, you can’t go to court, you do online, then it’s canceled. That trauma really got to me."
Actress Jackie Matubia has addressed online criticism from Kenyans who tagged and trolled her after her baby daddy, Blessing Lungaho, seemingly introduced his new 'babe'.

Jackie and Blessing separated in 2023 under unclear circumstances, and they share a daughter named Zendaya.

Over the weekend, Blessing spent time with various individuals in Naivasha, promoting a weekend event. One woman, wearing a white bikini and sitting closely to him, was prominently featured.

Blessing referred to her as "babe" while asking her to greet his online fans. This triggered reactions from netizens tagging Jackie and commenting about her replacement.

Responding confidently, Jackie declared, "Unfazed by the noise ☺️🤗."

Using her TikTok platform to acknowledge the chatter after a fan caught her attention by posing a question about her state of mind in a video where she was seen drinking and wearing a fabulous gold dress.

Moh Kendi commented, "Your replacement, tuchekee kwanza Jacky." Using multiple laughing emojis. Jackie responded assertively, saying, "Babe, no elections were held, still got the crown, but let's laugh."