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The objective of this forum is to trade gossip about celebrities. This forum is not limited to discussions of famous stars, but may include celebrities such as sports stars, television stars, music celebrities, famous politicians, even those made infamous by being in the news, as well as movies, tv and events. Our objective is to keep it fun without regard to spelling or grammar. Our aim is to harbor a sense of community and not one of hostility.

When an influencer posts “any suggestions where to stay in Dubai” they do so hoodwink followers into thinking they care what they have to say to foster the faux friend relationship and the main reason is to get brands to reach out to offer cash and freebies to advertise. Can you really trust social media influencers to give impartial and honest opinions once money is involved?

It’s an important part of a healthy, free and fair society for members of the public to have an opinion on those in a position of power and influence; that is why tattle exists. We allow people to express their views on businesses away from an influencers feed on a site where they would have to go out of their way to read, this is not trolling.

The number one objective for KF is gossip, which means there need be NO basis for truth regarding the information. However, truthful posts will be welcome.

Please note, gossip can get nasty, so - if you are looking for gushing or slavish devotion about a certain celebrity, you'll be much better off in his/her fan forum than here.

Please feel free to lurk, but jump in any time you feel as though you want to make a comment....remembering that you don't have to post gossip, you can just post a comment to gossip.


If you have a problem with another poster, either pm(inbox/send private message) them or keep quiet. We will no longer tolerate malicious personal flames, cyber-stalking, trolling, petty piques, or temper tantrums. We realize that some people just cannot "play nice", and we strongly suggest they find another sand-box.

We hope you enjoy yourself and learn lots of useless gossip to spread among your friends. And please send your friends and family over here...the more the merrier.

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