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Kenya Forums is an offshoot of the famous Kilimani Mums- The page generally unleashes a certain wild side of women that you rarely see.

It is a forum which simply aims to be the largest, broadest, most informative discussion forum for the people of Kenya. You can discuss anything that interests you on this forum:
- Report breaking news stories.
- Share your experience of a particular place, event, product or service.
- Share your knowledge/opinion on topics of interest.
- Ask questions, or make requests and receive helpful answers from other members of the forum.

Joining KENYA FORUMS is like joining a club, minus the membership dues. Registration is quick, easy and automatic. Please feel free to jump in and start participating.

The Community

We allow profanity (just not in thread titles). We have heated discussions about volatile topics such as unwed mothers, interracial dating, obesity and colorism. We sometimes post gruesome news stories about abused children and violent adults. If you can’t stomach these types of topics, don’t join KenyaForums.

If you can’t tolerate opposing viewpoints, or can’t debate without resorting to personal insults, do us a favor and don't register for the site.

Advice for Newbies

If you are new, lurk before posting so you can get a feel for each forum and what is and is not acceptable there.

If you have questions check out the Member Questions Forum. If your question is not answered there, post it and wait for responses.

New members need 25 posts before they can create new topics, use the reputation system or PM other board members.

General Behavior Rules

No backseat moderating -- don't try to tell other members what they can and cannot post. Don't tell us who should or shouldn't be banned. Don't tell us who should or shouldn't be allowed to join or post on KF. If you see behavior that violates the forum rules report it instead of taking matters into your own hands.

Don't whine and complain to us about "trolls." From past experience we know that "troll" usually means someone who disagrees with you philosophically or on certain topics. Disagreeing with you is not against the rules. If the "troll" is actually breaking a rule, report them. Otherwise place that member on your ignore list.

Bullying and harassing other members of the forum is not allowed.

This includes following a forum member that you hate from thread to thread serial groaning them, attacking them with personal insults and/or threats of bodily harm, posting offensive visitor messages on their profile and sending offensive conversations. If you use the rating system to harass other board members your access to the system will be removed.

Engaging in an organized collaboration with other members to harass a certain member, disrupt certain topics or interrupt the flow of normal discussion is not allowed.

If you really can't stomach a board member add them to your ignore list.

You can also make your profile private so that only people on your friends list can leave visitor messages. To make your profile private go to your account and select the Privacy option. You can modify the privacy settings there.

Don't create threads announcing that you are leaving. Just leave.

Don't ask us to delete your account or posts. We won't. That would make it too easy for you to return as a different user.

Don't create threads to discuss the banning of a particular member.

Constructive criticism is welcome and should be posted in the Member's Questions forum. Personal attacks against a moderator or administrator via forum posts, PMs, visitor messages or reputation comments because you don't like the forum rules and/or don't like how the forum is moderated will result in an immediate, permanent ban. If you have an issue with a moderator discuss it privately with them. If you can't resolve your conflict with the moderator use the forum's contact form to send an email to the administrator.

Posting Rules (forum posts, blog posts, PMs, visitor messages and reputation comments)

Think before you post. You have 24 hours to edit your post if you change your mind after posting. We won't edit a post for you once 24 hours has passed.

Don't post on behalf of banned members.

Don't create the same thread in different forums (cross posting).

Don't use misleading titles when creating new topics. Don't use profanity in thread titles, even if it's censored. If we feel the title is misleading a moderator or administrator will change the title so that it accurately reflects the topic being discussed.

All posts must be in English.

Search before you post. If your subject is already posted, contribute to the existing thread instead of creating a new thread.

Don't post advertising, promotional / referral codes and URLs, or discount codes. Don't create posts advertising your services or merchandise. You may post a link to your website in your signature and forum profile, but the link must not include any referral codes.

Don't post words or URLs that are censored by adding spaces, dots, or substituting characters, or by any other means in an attempt to defeat any censors put in place by Lipstick Alley.

Derogatory threads created to disparage Lipstick Alley, the forum rules or the moderating will be closed without comment. If you continue with these types of posts after we have closed the thread you will be permanently banned from the forum. If you have an issue with the website you can respectfully discuss it in the Member's Questions forum.

Contain all forum beef, stan wars and skull draggery within the Back Alley forum.

Don't re-post confessions on the main forum. If the confessor wanted feedback they would have posted there themselves. Don't post x-rated or racist confessions, they will be deleted. Don't post a confession in response to someone else's confession, it will be deleted.

Suspensions and Permanent Bans
If it is obvious that a new member has joined the forum for the sole purpose of spamming or trolling -- for example their first 5 posts are racist in nature -- they will be banned immediately. For all other members KenyaForums.co.ke uses a point based system to determine whether or not someone should be suspended or banned from the forum. We issue a warning first. If the bad behavior continues we start issuing point based infractions.

The offenses and points awarded are as follows:
  • Continuously posting content that has already been posted - 5 points
  • Continuously posting topics in the wrong forum - 5 points
  • Posting a censored word or phrase - 10 points
  • Profanity in thread title (includes attempts to censor the profanity) - 5 points
  • Avatar or signature in violation of the forum guidelines - 10 points
  • Post in violation of the anonymous posting rules - 10 points
  • Inappropriate advertising / spam - 10 points
  • Insults and/or threats made to another forum member - 10 points
  • Hate Speech - 25
  • Bullying/Harassment - 25 points
  • xesual material posted outside of the XES Club or Celebrity Darkroom - 25 points
  • Privacy violation I (posting identifying information about non-members) - 25 points
  • Privacy violation II (posting identifying information about members) - 100 points
  • Posting prohibited xesual material in the adult forums (pedophila, beastiality) - 100 points
  • Personal attack on the moderators/admin due to dislike of forum rules/moderating - 100 points
Your access to participating on the forum will be suspended based on the following point schedule:

15 points = 2 day ban
25 points = 5 day ban
40 points = 14 day ban
55 points = 1 month ban
70 points = 6 month ban
100 points = permanent ban
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