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    TV presenter Claudia Naisabwa finds new home after leaving KTN

    After bidding an emotional farewell to KTN, media personality Claudia Naisabwa has embarked on an exciting new chapter in her career, finding a vibrant new home at TV47. Joining forces with renowned hosts Willis Raburu and MC Gogo, Naisabwa is set to bring her signature charm and energy to the...
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    Chipukeezy talks about his relationship with Ivy Chelimo, reveals he's dating 7 women

    Kenyan comedian, Chipukeezy has disclosed that he is in a relationship with seven girlfriends. This revelation comes amidst swirling rumours linking him romantically to Ivy Chelimo, the woman associated with the Deputy President's nickname, Riggy G. In a video shared by a local media outlet on...
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    Nyota Ndogo & Danish husband Henning Nielsen welcome baby

    Coast-based singer Nyota Ndogo and her 60-year-old Danish husband, Henning Nielsen have welcomed a bouncing baby boy to their family. The elated mother took to social media to share the good news with the world. The 'Watu na Viatu' hitmaker remarked that other than silky hair resembling the...
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    Elsa Majimbo's confession about relationship with Naomi Campbell makes headlines

    Elsa Majimbo explains why she deleted a video confession of her former mentor Naomi Campbell In recent days, the social media sphere in Kenya and across the globe has been abuzz with news about Elsa Majimbo, the Kenyan chess prodigy and comedic sensation, and Naomi Campbell, the British...
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    Trevor 'fires' Mungai Eve & takes over YouTube channels with over 800K subscribers

    The online media space has been buzzing with reports of an alleged fallout between one of the most-followed YouTube duos, Mungai Eve and Director Trevor. Director Trevor, known for his behind-the-scenes magic in video production, has announced a significant change in their professional...
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    Regret leaving my job, need advice. I think I self sabotaged

    I left a job in November that was making extremely unhappy . I hated it. With 3-4 months of savings, I thought I would secure another job by now, but the market is extremely cruel at the moment. I managed to get a freelance client that pays enough to cover my rent. I'm interviewing for full-time...
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    Denis Oliech to view for FKF president

    Denis Oliech wants to view for FKF president. Unadhani atapewa?
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    Actor Charles Ouda, 38, passes away six months after engagement

    The family of Charles ‘Charlie’ J. Ouda and Ciru Muriuki has shared the devastating news of his passing on the night of February 3, 2024. Charles was 38 years old at the time of his untimely death. The family’s statement, issued on behalf of the Oudas and Ciru Muriuki, appeals to everyone to...
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    Should I forgive my best friend for sleeping with my ex

    It’s a complicated situation. I found out about it this week, and it happened over 8 years ago. I found out about it through someone else. He wasn’t really an “ex” just someone I was dating when I was a teenager. He wind up taking my virginity, and immediately was done after that. I wasn’t...
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    A good man is not easy to find nowadays, you have to steal him from a careless woman!

    There is a saying 'Waezakiona kibaya mwenzio nikakisafisha ukakitamani' Ladies, are you doing enough to keep him ama you you will start wallowing when another lady ama your friend snatches him! A good man is not easy to find nowadays, you have to steal him from a careless woman who doesn't...
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    Mary Wangari, Director at Equity Group Holdings Plc Shares Life's Blueprints

    Ms. Mary Wangari currently holds the esteemed position of Group Executive Director at Equity Group Holdings Plc. Prior to her elevation to this role in 2018, she distinguished herself as the Group Company Secretary and Corporate & Strategy Director at Equity Bank from 2007 to 2017. In 2004, Ms...
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    Blessing Lung'aho and new 'babe' step out in style (video)

    Blessing Lung'aho first introduced his 'Babe' in a video where he was advertising a pool party while calling her pet names. The lady who was dressed in a bikini was seated just next to the actor who was wearing all white. In a recent video, Lung'aho is now seen flaunting his new babe during...
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    Omera!! Babu Owino studying for 3rd Master's degree

    Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has revealed that over the past month, he has been immersed in reading books as part of his preparations for his third postgraduate degree examination. The legislator has now stated that he will take a temporary break from books to engage in the ODM...
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    Wakadinali Die Hard Fans

    Wakadinali, the cardinals who saved Kenyan hiphop Kenya’s Spotify Landscape 2023 Top Streamed Artists Drake Burna Boy 21 Savage Ayra Starr Chris Brown Travis Scott Wakadinali The Weeknd Metro Boomin Future Top Streamed Kenyan Artists Wakadinali Sauti Sol Bien Bensoul Nyashinski Nviiri The...
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    Man Arrested After Killing 8-Year-Old Boy, Injuring Woman At His Ex-Lover's Home In Kiambu

    Police in Kiambu County have arrested a suspect who killed an 8-year-old boy and injured a woman in Ndenderu area. The suspect is reported to have waylaid the boy outside the gate where the minor lives with the man’s ex-lover. According to police, the man managed to get into the home where he...
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    The truth about Koffi Olomide's Love Life

    Koffi Olomide graduated in the 70s and realized he was not making as much money in offices,He embarked seriously on his music career and teamed up with Papa Wemba who introduced him to a lady by the name Marie Makosso. To firm up his association to Papa Wemba who then had a lot of influence for...
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    High-Profile Heartbreak: Moses Wetangula's Matrimonial Crisis Exposed – Exclusive Peek into His Secret Refuge!

    National Assembly Speaker, Moses Wetangula, is allegedly said to have abandoned his matrimonial home following a disagreement with his Kikuyu wife Anne Wacheke. Word from a local blogger has it that he has moved into an official residence designated for another government official as he waits...
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    Love Behind the Badge: Dating a Female Officer in Kenya – Untold Secrets Revealed!

    Men, ushaidate a female police officer and what was your experience like? Growing up I would never have thought of dating leave alone marrying one. Never. Like who in there correct mind falls in love with a police-woman? Huh? Imagine your wife coming home in the evening after a long and tiring...
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    Navigating the Job Jungle: Kenyan Job Search and Interview Rants

    Seems like marketers wa Faras hawalipwi and its January gaddemit https://x.com/C_NyaKundiH/status/1751871176542969963?s=20
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    Kenyan photographer red flags you should know if you live in Nairobi

    Photographer red flags: 1. Requiring you to sign over rights to your nudes so that they can use them wherever they want whenever… 2. Needing me to send my social media pages before you send me rates… 3. Not allowing you to choose your edits that YOU PAID FOR 4. Possessiveness…. You SHOULD...