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    My experience dating 22 year old

    People in this forum keep saying that they want to date 22 year olds because they can be easily manipulated and can make good wives in the future. I usually here that statement and I laugh my lungs out. 22 year olds are only good for sex and nothing more. Hao wanadinywa na coursemates wao vibaya...
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    Diana Marua Claims Men Used & Dumped Her Before She Met Bahati

    Diana Marua has opened up about her past life before fame and money, recalling the first time she met her husband Bahati. In a video shared on her Instagram page, Diana reveals that she dated several men before settling with Bahati, and that some of them used and dumped her. When Diana met...
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    Akothee Exposes Person Who Allegedly Stole Her Money, Raising Questions About Bank Trust

    Popular Kenyan singer Akothee recently took to social media to expose the person she claims stole a significant amount of money from her bank account. The individual, identified as Simon Kipngetich Tonui, was accused of siphoning funds from an Absa Bank account linked to Aknotela Limited, an...
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    Aisha Wanjiku narrates her SEX escapade with an aspiring Kisii MCA that left her hospitalized – Never joke with Kisii men.

    A social media user named Aisha Wanjiku has narrated her experience after she had sex with an aspiring Kisii MCA.
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    Amber Ray: I am attracted to money and can't date a broke person

    In an exclusive interview with Oga Obinna, socialite and mother of two Amber Ray announced that she is attracted to money. The socialite said that she is not a socialite she only identifies herself as a mother and a hardworking woman who is working for several brands. She added that she...
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    Bensoul & Baby Mama Tiffany Muikamba Celebrate Daughter’s First Birthday

    Sol Generation singer Benson Mutua, better known by his stage name Bensoul, and his baby mama Tiffany Muikamba are celebrating the first birthday of their daughter, Trinity. The happy parents took to social media to share photos of their little girl and their joy at her milestone. Tiffany...
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    Shaffie Weru Returns to the Entertainment Industry as brand ambassador for Rick Ross champagne

    Shaffie Weru is making a comeback to the entertainment industry as the East Africa brand ambassador for Luc Belaire, a renowned alcoholic drink. Weru, who is currently heading events and branding for Governor Johnson Sakaja’s office, said he is excited about the new role and is looking forward...
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    Mungai Eve discusses dream wedding with Trevor Mungai

    Mungai Eve and Director Trevor, a celebrity couple, are planning a private and luxurious wedding that could take place outside of Kenya. In an interview with Nairobi News, YouTuber Mungai Eve described her dream wedding. She said she wants an intimate ceremony with only the people closest to...
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    Xtian Dela anacharge Kes 1000 as an Instagram therapist

    Ati sasa Xtian anacharge wasee thao moja kuwaongelesha kama therapist on IG :LOL::LOL: na ni wewe unamcall for like 10 minutes. Below are some of the Kenyans reactions LIBRA: When a therapist needs a therapist Rogue Bartender: I would pay! Great business strategy btw..the guy is sharp.infact...
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    Club gani ikona madem mali safi?

    Nairobians which club ikona waitresses warembo. According to me, naeza sema Sabina Joy hands down.
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    Controversial Belgian National Frank Knarf Says He is Broke After Being With a Kikuyu Woman For Three Years

    Controversial Belgian National Frank Knarf has claimed that being with his Kikuyu wife Murugi for three years, left him broke. In a video shared on social media, Frank lamented that Murugi milked him dry yet they were only together for a short period of time. In the video he tried pulling a...
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    Official Khaligraph Jones- O.G Thread

    Willy Paul pia anachachisha ati vile anaweza rap 😂😂😂
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    Official Khaligraph Jones- O.G Thread

    Hii hapa ni kali mbaya
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    Prince Indah Fans

    Prince Indah, whose real name is Evans Ochieng Owino. He is a music tutor, philanthropist, and businessman from a less privileged village, Oloma Murumba in Ugunja, Siaya County. AWARDS: 1. GALA Award: Best musician from Nyanza & Western Regions. 2. MARWA AWARDS; MALE ARTIST OF 2022, SONG OF...
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    Liquor Store (Official Video) - Benzema x Nellythegoon x Dmore

    Ochungulo Family dropped a banger dubbed 'Liquor Store' mixed and mastered by Jegede. Watch it here;
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    Official Khaligraph Jones- O.G Thread

    Kwanza nimecheki adi Kibe anamtii 🔥🔥🔥
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    Official Khaligraph Jones- O.G Thread

    Ni ngoma gani ilifanya uanze kuskiza Papa Jones? Yangu ni Khali Cartel 1
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    Buruklyn Boys Official Fans Thread

    Kama wewe ni hardcore fan wa Buruklyn Boys tuchat hapa about their music 'Dream ya kutoka kwa block' 'Location 58' 'Nairobi' and more.
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    Story time....Campus chronicles

    So there's this friend of a friend of mine... We were together pale campo..Alipatana na 4th year wakaanza kudate after like 2 semesters akapewa ball. Kama kawaaida chali akaruka ju hakua madoo bado. The guy graduated got a job Tsc through chai ya 60k paid by the girl's dad. Familia ya boy...
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    Body Counts

    Juzi nilicheki video flani pale ig ya almost newly weds. Waliulizwa what they their body counts were just days before wedo. Mamaa aliulizwa yake akasema 12, nikacheki uso ya budaa alikua shocked yake yote.. What is a high body count na inamatter kweli kama unapenda msee, especially after...